view the full range of Pöttinger disc mowers:

NOVACAT CLASSIC front mounted disc mowers

2,62 to 3,46 m width

NOVACAT ALPHA MOTION front-type mowers

Best ground adaptation - 2.62 to 3.46 m width

NOVADISC rear mounted disc mowers

With side mounting - 2.20 to 3.88 m working width

NOVACAT rear disc mowers

With centre pivot suspension - 2.62 to 4.30 m width

NOVACAT Mower combination

High-capacity mower - 8.30 to 11.2 m width

NOVACAT T trailed disc mowers

For cutting heavy crops - 3.04 to 3.46 m width

Pöttinger Tedders

HIT with 4 rotors

From 4.40 to 5.20 m width

HIT Mounted tedders

From 4.70 to 8.86 m width

HIT Trailed tedders

From 7.85 to 8.86 m width

HIT T high output trailed tedders 

From 8.60 to 12.70 m width

Pöttinger Rakes

TOP with a single rotor

From 3.40 to 4.60 m width

TOP twin rotor side swath rakes

From 6.55 to 7.60 m width

TOP C twin rotor, centre swath

From 5.90 to 9.60 m width

TOP centre swath/four rotors

Professional series from 8.00 to 12.50 m width

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